A shoulder of mutton is a real autumnal treat. Beautiful melt in the mouth meat, with such incredible depth of flavour. It doesn't need too much faff to make this wonderful ingredient taste sublime. We've simply smothered the shoulder in its bedfellow harissa and thrown in a few bulbs of fennel along for the ride.

The secret to success with the shoulder of mutton is a slightly longer, slower roast. The meat will become so meltingly delicious it will fall off the bone and can be eaten with a spoon - a method known as a la cuiller. 


A whole shoulder of mutton

A jar of Smoked Chilli Harissa paste

A small bunch rosemary

1 bottle red wine

4 large fennel bulbs

Pure Sea Salt


Pre heat the oven to 160C.

Lightly score the shoulder and rub plenty of salt onto the surface.

Roughly chop the rosemary and combine with the harissa paste.

Spread the paste over the top of the seasoned shoulder leaving no area uncovered.

Placing into a deep roasting tray followed by the red wine.

Wrap in tin foil and roast for 3 hours.

Slice the fennel bulbs into 6 wedges.

Remove the tin foil from the shoulder, and add the fennel to the tray, place back into the oven for another hour at 180C and allow the shoulder and the fennel to caramelise.

Shred the shoulder and serve with the caramelised fennel.

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Mutton shoulder recipe

Mutton shoulder recipe