Your Hebridean Hogget Box 

Watch as Julius takes you through all the cuts in your Hebridean Hogget Box, giving you little cooking hints and tips along the way.

Once almost extinct, Julius is one of a small number of farmers that are doing all they can to keep this native breed alive. By working closely with the Dorset Wildlife Trust, he's creating a wonderfully diverse habitat that is allowing his flock to thrive.

Hebrideans are slow to mature, which means they are usually finished as hogget (Between 12 and 24 months old), resulting in meat that has a well-developed, sweet and subtle gamey flavour. Each cut is dark, succulent and well-marbled, making it perfect for slow-cooking, roasting, or quick pan-frying.

Why not try one of these four exclusive recipes specifically written to give you the best flavour from your Hebridean Hogget?



Hogget Shoulder Cooked in Milk with Herbs & Lemon

This slow cooked lamb dish is what the Italians traditionally cook for easter Sunday. If you’ve never cooked meat in milk before, it’s a revelation.

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Hogget Neck Fillet, Mograbieh, Roasted Carrot & Tahini Sauce 

A neck fillet is one of my favourite cuts, with a fantastic flavour and texture. Here I've cooked it quickly in a pan until deeply caramelised but blushing pink within, and served with it with a delicious Middle Eastern-inspired salad. 

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Hogget Chops with Wild Garlic Butter & Spring Salad

This seasonal dish celebrates the return of spring! After the long cruel nights of winter, what a joy it is to see asparagus on the farm shop shelves once again, with sparkling radishes and golden new potatoes.

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Hogget Chump Steaks, Oven Chips & Anchoide

A chump steak is a lesser-known cut of meat that makes a fantastic alternative to a classic steak. I pan-fry 'till deeply caramelised but blushing pink within, with oven chips and Anchoide, an incredible mayo made with anchovy, garlic and rosemary.

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Where your Hebridean Hogget comes from 

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