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Rib Eye Steak

Each steak weighs approximately 200g.

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A characterful cut, the rib eye steak (also spelt rib-eye or ribeye) comprises three muscles in total, including the eye muscle that runs through the sirloin as well as the chuck. So it's a steak that packs a triple punch. Integral to the deliciousness of the rib eye is the fat and connective tissue holding the muscles together. Combined with the marbling in the body of the meat, these fats melt away on cooking, infusing the meat with sweetness and giving an intense, rich flavour. The fine-grained texture makes a Pipers Farm rib eye steak a genuine eating pleasure.

Fed on only mother's milk and grass, we believe the quality of life our cattle have shines through in their meat. Allowing our animals to grow slowly, maturing at a natural rate without growth promoters or cereals, means they have robust immune systems, strong, well-developed muscles and sturdy skeletons. We only sell grass fed beef from Devon Red Rubies, a traditional breed that's native to our part of the world and well accustomed to our climate and the plants and grasses of Devon's pastures and moorlands.

Animal welfare is vital to us, so all of our cattle are slaughtered at a small, nearby abattoir. Journey time is short and the animals travel in small groups to keep stress to a minimum. The resulting carcase is hung at a controlled temperature for at least 28 days meaning the meat is at its prime when cut by our team of expert butchers.

How to cook rib eye steak

Rib eye is at its best when well seared on the outside but juicy and pink inside. Allow your steak to come up to room temperature before griddling or frying in a smoking hot pan for just a minute or so each side until the fat starts to melt away. Rest for five minutes before serving with a sharply dressed crisp green salad and a full-bodied, fruity Cabernet Sauvignon.

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