Our Grass Fed Lamb Heart has a delicate and mild flavour, as well as being a super versatile meat to cook. This recipe grills the lamb hearts, ensuring they gain plenty of colour and flavour, while retaining their succulent flavour. The carrot salad is wonderfully light and forms the perfect addition alongside the flatbreads and lamb hearts. Make the most of this more unusual cut of meat and create a perfect summer centrepiece.



  • Begin by preparing the flatbreads. 

    Preheat a large heavy based frying pan on a high heat. 

    Roll out the sourdough pizza balls until the width of the frying pan. Add to the pan one at the time, cooking for approximately 30 seconds on each side until golden bubbles and blisters form on the surface of the flatbread. 

    Dress the peeled carrots with olive oil, salt and pepper and the juice of the lemon. 

    Prepare the lamb hearts by slicing into quarters and removing the white sinew with a sharp knife. 

    Preheat a griddle pan until scorchingly hot. Drizzle the hearts with oil and place onto the grill pan. Get plenty of colour on the hearts, but only cook for a few minutes on each side to avoid overcooking. 

    Remove the hearts from the pan and rest for 5 minutes. 

    Assemble the flatbread by finely slicing the hearts. Place on the flatbreads alongside the carrot salad, a scattering of the herbs and chilli and a drizzle of the yoghurt. 

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