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Fried Tortilla with Lamb & Beans by Claire Thomson

Fried Tortilla with Lamb & Beans by Claire Thomson

By Mela Baldock
09, February 2021

We are delighted to be partnered once again with Claire Thomson, or perhaps you may know her from her Instagram alias, 5 O'Clock Apron. We've been fans of Claire's for years; all of her cookbooks are a mainstay on the Pipers Farm kitchen shelves. From her go-to weekday recipes to to her wonderful IGTV's with her family getting us through lockdown, Claire makes cooking relaxing and easy for kids and a downright breeze for exhausted but hungry adults. 
As we move from uncertain times to the shaky semblance of normality, we are shining the light on less but better meat. Claire is a whizz at stretching meals out to make wonderful meals for the whole week and she's put together for us 6 utterly delicious recipes for 4 people from just 2 cuts of meat. You'll find easy breezy dishes that are sure to jazz up any mid-week meal. Now over to Claire!


300g Leftover Lamb Shoulder, roughly chopped 

1 large red onion, finely chopped 

2 tbsp olive oil 

3 cloves garlic, finely chopped

1 tsp smoked paprika 

1 tsp ground cumin 

200g passata 

1 tin black beans, washed and drained

Salt to taste 

1-2 tbsp Chipotle chilli paste (optional, or can use chilli flakes instead) 

To assemble: 

4 large tortilla wraps 

100g grated cheddar cheese 

80g baby spinach 

To serve: 

Extra chilli sauce to serve 

Sour cream to serve 

1 or 2 ripe avocados, peeled and sliced


In a pan over a moderate heat, fry the onion in oil for 5-10 minutes until soft, then add the lamb, garlic and spices and fry for another couple of minutes. Add the passata and cook for a few minutes until rich and thick. Add the washed and drained beans to the pan mixing thoroughly to heat through, then add salt to taste, adding the chilli if using, then cook over a low heat for 5 minutes the beans to heat up and the flavours to meld. 

Take the pan off the heat and begin to assemble the wraps! Assemble by laying the one wrap flat on a clean surface and pile on 1/4 of the lamb mixture, and top with 1/4 each of the spinach and cheese. 

Fold the edges of the wrap over to create a parcel, then repeat with the remaining wraps and filling. 

You might need to cook the parcels in batches. Add a spot of oil to a non-stick or cast-iron frying pan over a moderate heat, cook the parcels, starting with the join on the bottom until the surface is crisp and golden in patches, then flip over to colour the other side. Flip a couple more times and cook until hot all the way through.

Remove from the heat and serve with hot sauce, sour cream and avocado on the side. 

Lamb Chimichangas - Claire Thomson - 5OClock Apron

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