Every now and again we all need a fancy recipe, suitable for wooing a loved one or impressing a difficult dinner guest. This recipe serves just that purpose, with the added bonus of being so simple to achieve. 

The melting warm salad is bang on in season, making the most of the first crop of Autumnal squash. 


250g Mutton Loin

200g cooked chickpeas

Half a squash

100g goats curd

A small handful of flatleaf parsley

A small handful of basil

A small handful of coriander

A small handful of mint

2 tsp capers

The juice of one lemon

1 clove of garlic

300ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1 tsp dijon mustard

Pure Sea Salt


Dice the squash into cubes and roast at 200C for 20 minutes or until soft.

Season the mutton loin and place into a hot pan with a little oil and caramelise for 3 minutes on each side, remove from the pan and allow to rest for 5 minutes.

Finely chop all the herbs, capers and garlic, combine with the lemon juice, mustard and olive oil to make the salsa verde. 

Thinly slice the mutton loin, and combine together with the squash, chickpeas and salsa verde.

Serve warm and crumble the goats' curd over the top.

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