One of the joys of slowly reared native breed pork is there is always plenty of unctuous fat. Nothing beats rich, buttery, sweet pork fat once it has been gently rendered into submission during a long slow cook.

The fat in this recipe not only provides incredible flavour, it also acts as a cooking liquor for the dish of roasted potatoes that sit snuggly below the handsome pork joint.

This is lazy cooking, which results in sublime eating. Perfect for chilly days when only hearty comfort food will do.



  • To prepare the potatoes, peel the potatoes and slice really thin. Combine the potatoes with the chopped thyme, sliced garlic and half the bunch of sage. Make sure that they are mixed well in a bowl. Spread the heavenly herby potatoes across the bottom of a roasting tin.

  • To make the pork, rub the pork belly with plenty of salt and the fennel seeds.

  • Place the pork belly on top of the potatoes and add in a bottle of cider. Pop in the oven at 160C for two hours. Remove from the oven and serve sliced with mounds of potatoes and a chilled glass of cider. Utterly divine.

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