Summer and Autumn are widely acknowledged as the most abundant months for British-grown fruit and vegetables. In comparison to the heavy plenty of summer salad crops and autumn roots, spring appears to offer a much lighter load. Yet, what spring does offer is a nourishing bounty of wild food that is full of vitality and goodness.

After the long, dark days, nights, weeks and months of winter, there is something so refreshing about getting outdoors and discovering nature’s treats of new green shoots and tender offerings from woodland and hedgerows. It’s an occasion which would have been so warmly welcomed by our ancestors - before the days of year-round availability to crops, and food imports - and it’s a time that we feel is so important and valuable to reconnect ourselves with. 

We are excited to share some inspiration for incorporating wild, foraged foods into your cooking this season. Of course, there is a whole host of guidance and advice about foraging available online, which is wonderful to spend some time absorbing before your next foraging adventure starts. In the meantime, here are our top 3 foraging recipes, which incorporate wild garlic and nettles - both sure to be found in abundance at this moment in time. Keep an eye out for more exciting foraging season recipes coming soon...


Nettle leaves are wonderfully versatile and are considered a superfood - rich in iron, minerals and vitamins A and D. It’s unmistakeable and grows almost everywhere. The tips of the leaves are tender and flavoursome - with a taste comparable to spinach. Remember to avoid picking nettles from roadside areas, or areas that are likely to be pesticide-ridden, and make sure you’re wearing a pair of gloves when you pick the leaves, to avoid any uncomfortable stings! 

Chicken & Nettle Pasta

This dish needs little more than a simple nettle pesto and our tender, properly free range chicken breasts. It’s a simple supper to whip up and satisfy a hungry crowd in a flash. View the recipe.

Spring Foraging Recipe | Pipers Farm The Journal Recipes | Chicken & Nettle Pasta

Shoulder of Lamb with White Beans & Nettles, by Gill Meller

This recipe is a celebration of the humble shoulder of lamb, cooked low and slow until meltingly tender with rich, savoury flavours. Paired with creamy white beans and earthy nettles, it’s a delicious meal that celebrates spring’s offerings.  View the recipe.

Spring Foraging Recipe | Pipers Farm The Journal Recipes | Shoulder of Lamb with Beans & Nettles, by Gill Meller

Wild Garlic

Wild garlic grows in dense clusters on damp woodland floors and along shaded hedgerows. It has an unmistakable scent - sure to get your tastebuds going! - and is slightly more mellow in taste than traditional garlic. Both the leaves and the flowers are edible. 

Wild Garlic Pesto

Preserve the joys of Spring's bounty with this simple pesto. You'll find yourself dipping into the jar for all manner of dishes, from pasta to pizzas, steak to chicken, wild garlic pesto goes with just about everything. View the recipe.

Ox Liver & Onions with Wild Garlic Mash

In this dish, Wild garlic sets a real tone of seasonality and gives a fresh flavour profile against the spectacular richness of ox liver. View the recipe.

Spring Foraging Recipe | Pipers Farm The Journal Recipes | Grass Fed Beef Ox Liver & Onions with Wild Garlic Mash

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