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Barbecue season is finally upon us, although, at Pipers Farm, we love to cook over flames all year round. For us cooking outdoors is a way to celebrate the connection between the food we eat and the surroundings in which we live, and is a cooking event that happens in the depths of winter in the snow to the warm sunshine in summer.

But what makes a Pipers Farm barbecue? Here we explore some top tips that will make your outdoor cooking experiences ones to remember for all the right reasons. 

Peter Greigg BBQing at Pipers Farm

Don't Rush   

The first thing you must remember when barbecuing is not to rush. Cooking outside should be something to be savoured and enjoyed, by slowing down and breathing in fresh air, cooking outdoors allows us to switch off and unwind. Wood must be gathered and chopped, or charcoal poured into a pit and lit, patiently waiting for that magical grey coat to form. Before you even begin to cook, humility and restraint must be applied, and your senses deployed to judge when the time is right to commence.

Hot BBQ Coals

Fuel For Thought

From our farming practices right through to our packaging, we believe wholeheartedly in sustainability. This is certainly true of the charcoal we use to cook our sustainable grass-fed and free-range meat, which is why we recommend an FSC-certified Lumpwood charcoal. 

Using FSC-certified charcoal means you can enjoy a tasty barbecue without harming the planet. Lumpwood charcoal contains no additives, especially important when you are cooking directly on the coals, it also lights faster and can be more easily temperature controlled. This is due to how it reacts with the oxygen, so if you have vents on your barbecue you can control how much oxygen is getting to the coals and in turn regulate the temperature. You can learn all about how to have a sustainable barbecue here.

Smoking Chips 

You can add an unbelievable amount of flavour to your barbecue feast by adding apple wood smoking chips to your hot coals. Adding a few handfuls to your charcoal will subtly flavour your meat, fish and veggies wonderfully. 

Delicious BBQ Burgers

Choose Your Barbecuing Method

How you barbecue very much depends on what you are actually cooking. If it’s the ultimate burger stack, with a triple deck of homemade mashed patties made from our 100% Grass-Fed Beef Mince, with Native Breed Smoked Streaky Bacon, you're going to be looking at the direct barbecuing method. If you're wanting to cook one of our Properly Free-Range Whole Chickens or a large joint of meat, you'll want to roast it low and slow to produce those smoky, mouth-watering flavours indirect barbecuing method is the method for you. 

Beef made over the BBQ

The Direct Method 

Direct cooking on the barbecue is all about high heat and searing action. It's the go-to method for achieving those beautiful grill marks and a delightful charred exterior on your steaks, burgers, and veggies. 

Ribs made over the BBQ

The Indirect Method 

On the other hand, indirect cooking on the barbecue is a game-changer when it comes to achieving perfectly cooked, tender meats. It involves placing your food away from the direct heat source, allowing it to cook slowly and evenly.

Roast BBQ Beef

Essential Barbecuing Tools

At Pipers Farm, we like to keep things simple. A pit, a grill, some fuel, matches, a pair of tongs and a good knife is all you need. However, a meat thermometer is a handy tool to have in your back pocket, especially for barbecuing those larger joints.

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