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Our Saddleback pigs grazing and rootling in freedom in our Cider orchard.


Meet Pipers Farm's free range Saddleback pigs


All of our breeding sows are Wessex Saddleback, the native Westcountry breed with the distinctive white saddle across her shoulders, and we cross these with a Welsh boar, another traditional slow-growing native breed.

The result are old-fashioned pigs with blue patches on them, and, like their parents, their ears over their eyes!

When they farrow, we leave the piglets on their mother for 8 weeks so that they get the full benefit of their mother's milk, and particularly the essential natural immunity that it confers.

In the summer the pigs run in cider orchards munching grass and windfalls; in the autumn they are under oak trees harvesting the acorns, and in winter they are cosy inside, in small groups on a deep bed of straw.

We take our pigs a short distance to our local, small farm-based abattoir. This is very important to us. It means that the animals are not stressed; the small team are highly skilled craftsmen, and we know that we are always getting the carcasses back.

And most importantly, the pork carcasses are kept in perfect condition to be hung on the bone for 3 weeks. This is most unusual, but certainly, helps to develop a stunning flavour & fabulously crunchy crackling!

Free Range
Saddleback Pork

We nurture our slow-grown animals in harmony with the environment.

Find out why our pork meat has won so many awards...

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