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Christmas Frequently Asked Questions


An important note about Christmas orders in light of Covid. 

These are uncertain times for everyone, and we understand that you may wish to tweak your Christmas order as events unfold. However, this year we will not be able to cancel or reduce any orders due for delivery after 1st December.

We know this is unprecedented, but it will ensure we can find a home for all of the livestock that has been so carefully reared by ourselves and our network of small-scale family farms and allow our staff to prepare your order safely.

We know everyone is longing for a beautiful Christmas to help us through what looks to be a tricky winter, and we wish you the happiest of gatherings, big or small. It will still be Christmas no matter what.

We will do everything we can to make this Christmas as magical as ever.

Due to the high demand of emails and telephone calls we receive at this time of year, there may be a small delay in receiving a response to your enquiry. We are continuing to do our best to get back to you as soon as possible and we endeavour to reply to every enquiry within 48 hours.

Frequently answered questions

If you place an order online, you will receive a live tracking code from our courier the morning of delivery. The courier will keep you up to date with an estimated time or when you can expect to receive your delivery.

There may be potential delays to deliveries this year due to unprecedented demand of the courier network, however our customer service team will track every parcel and will ensure every order gets to you safely.

If you are not going to be in, you can ask our couriers to leave it in a safe place. You can either amend this yourself or alternatively give our customer care team on 01392 881 380.

If you have ordered online, you can view your order on your account page.

Any amendments made by email/phone will not show on the website and can be seen in the updated email sent by our customer care team.

Phone/email orders will have been sent via confirmation email.

Any further queries please do not hesitate to get in contact with our customer service team on 01392 881 380.

Simply check the storage tab on each product page for guidance on whether your product is fresh or frozen.

All whole Turkeys, whole Geese and Turkey Crowns will be delivered fresh. All other meat products will be delivered frozen.

Please note that our meat is completely safe to freeze and refreeze.

Yes, simply pop a note in at the checkout letting us know that you are in isolation and we will ensure that our drivers follow protocol.

Our teams are working extremely hard to get all of our lovely Christmas goods out to everyone. We are now no longer able to add to any existing Christmas orders.

You can find cooking instructions for each of our products on our product pages. Our Journal also has some wonderful recipe ideas as well as cooking instructions.

Sometimes in transit, some items will defrost slightly. Small items such as sausages are more likely to defrost.

Just pop your order straight into the freezer when it arrives and it will be perfect for whenever you need to cook it.

Rest assured that you can safely defrost and refreeze Pipers Farm meat, because we have grown our meat so carefully.

There is a widespread faux pas that you can’t re-freeze meat once it has been defrosted. While we would not recommend you do not do this with supermarket meat, this is one of the benefits of shopping with Pipers Farm, our meat is completely safe to re-freeze.

All our soft cheese are sent with a minimum of 7 days shelf life. For Stiltons and some Blue Cheeses, we will send out with 20 days shelf life. For hard cheeses we will send with around 30 days shelf life.

Please check the storage tab on each product.

It is necessary to apply a common sense approach to cheese care and respond to the cheese you have in front of you, as opposed to following rigid guidelines. All our cheeses are artisanal and are a living breathing expression of their terroir. If you look after your cheese well you can extend its life, if you haven't been tempted to eat it all in time!

The best option is to keep the cheese wrapped in its waxed paper within a box in the fridge. The container will help to prevent the cheese from drying out and prevent the cheese from absorbing flavours.

We have now sold out of a number of our Christmas lines before Christmas.

We know these are uncertain times with guidance changing regularly. We will still be able to cancel any orders due for delivery before 1st December (with our usual requirement of 4 days notice before the date of your delivery). However this year we will not be able to cancel or reduce any orders due for delivery after 1st December, this is to ensure that we are able to keep our staff safe who will be busy preparing your festive orders, and also to ensure that we can find a home for all of our carefully raised livestock and continue to support our small-scale family farms with minimal disruption on the farm. We hope that you can understand the challenges we face this year in preparing your festive feast.

We ask that this year you give our team as much notice as possible with any amends to your Christmas orders.

To change your delivery address we require at least 7 days notice before your order is due to be delivered.

We will try our best to change any delivery dates, however please be aware we may not be able to make this alteration. Please contact our Customer Service team no less than 7 days before your delivery is due and we will do our best to change your date.