Tradition says that fish, rather than meat, is the meal of choice on Good Friday. 

Christians have abstained from eating meat on Good Friday for centuries and many people, religious or not, choose to eat fish on the Friday before Easter Sunday. 

Although it's a centuries-old concept, it needn't be a tired tradition. We have 5 delicious recipes to share, showcasing simple and delicious ways to serve a splendid fish supper to your loved ones this Easter weekend. 

1. Monfish Roast with Salsa Primavera, by Mitch Tonks

When it comes to seafood, our good friend Mitch Tonks knows a thing or two. This recipe is the perfect alternative to a traditional roast dinner. With a fresh sauce that takes its name from the Italian word for ‘Spring’, this dish embraces everything that is in its prime this season. 

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Monkfish Roast with Salsa Primavera, by Mitch Tonks | Pipers Farm Recipe

 2. Roast Turbot with Bacon, Celeriac, Peas & Parsley, by Gill Meller

Turbot is the ultimate in seafood luxury. The fabulous-looking Turbot is considered one of the finest fish in the seas, and the quality and firmness of the flesh means it will stand up to most types of cooking. 

And, the best thing about this recipe, everyone can help themselves to a serving of fish and a scoop of the vegetables straight from the tray. Simple!

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Whole Roast Turbot by Gill Meller | Pipers Farm Seafood Recipe Good Friday

3. Sea Bass with Citrus, Potatoes & Garlic

This recipe combines the whole sea bass (although it works perfectly well with fillets) with citrus, potatoes and garlic. The sharp zesty flavour of the lemons and potatoes provides a wonderful counterpoint to the rich sea bass.

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Seabass with Citrus, Potatoes & Garlic | Pipers Farm Good Friday Seafood Recipe

4. Smoked Haddock, Kale & Butter Bean Gratin

This is a remarkably quick and easy alternative to a traditional fish pie. Offering deliciously moreish flavours of smoky haddock, fresh kale, creamy butterbeans and molten cheese, it's a definite crowdpleaser.

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Smoked Haddock, Kale & Butterbean Gratin | Pipers Farm Good Friday Sustainable Fish Seafood Recipe

5. Speedy Seafood Curry, by Mitch Tonks

Merge tradition with wonderful flavour and serve a delicious seafood curry this Good Friday. This dish is both hearty and satisfying, and comes together so quickly. With just a handful of store cupboard ingredients and minimal prep work, it is the perfect option to impress hungry guests. 

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Speedy Seafood Curry by Mitch Tonks | Pipers Farm Good Friday Sustainable Fish Seafood Recipe


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