How to embrace Hygge this Winter

How to embrace Hygge this Winter

By Abby Allen
02, November 2018

Earlier in the week Jack Frost paid his first visit to our farm. Looking out over the frostbitten landscape, sipping a warm cup of tea, I felt a pang, an indescribable feeling bubbling in my stomach. Indescribable in good old english, my native tongue, but not so challenging for our Scandinavian friends in northern Europe. You see they have cleverly created a word for that bubbling pang in my stomach. That magical indescribable feeling was ‘Hygge’.

Hygge has become a buzzword of countless lifestyle bloggers in recent years. But what exactly is it? Firstly we probably should learn how to pronounce it. Repeat after me; “Hooo-ga”.

Hygge originated from Denmark as a way of essentially describing the feeling of total contentment and cosiness. Denmark is consistently ranked one of the happiest countries in the world, and with hygge a prominent fixture in a Danes daily life it’s easy to understand why.

Hygge focusses on creating a calm and relaxing atmosphere through often the most simple every day moments in life. Like that sip of warm tea, looking out onto frosty fields. That was pure hygge.

With cold, dark days heading our way, the nip of the north wind biting, it’s time to get cosy and embrace all things hygge.

Here are some easy steps to add some hygge to your home this winter.

5 ways to embrace Hygge

1. Resist the switch and embrace natural light. Take a moment to enjoy early dawn light casting long shadows against your walls, it will provide a hygge backdrop perfect to kickstart your day. If the light is too dim then candles are a must to create the ultimate feeling of hygge. Choose indulgent scents to gently waft in the background while you go about your day.

2. Hunker down. Layer up with cosy fabrics. From the softest knitwear to blankets, scarfs and shawls. The more the merrier to create the ultimate cosy nook.

3. Indulge in hearty comfort food. Now is the time for bowls of warming and hearty food. Simple, rustic ingredients that will nourish you completely. Cuts like Osso Buco, Braising Beef and Confit Duck should feature on your menu. Nothing fancy, the simpler the better. Just lovingly prepared and stirred slowly.

4. Gather. Bring loved ones together to share a winter feast. Tables laden with bowls to pass around, a home filled with laugher and contentment. There is nothing more hygge than welcoming loved ones to your home. 

5. Take time out. Get lost in a good book, run an aromatherapy scented bubble bath, learn a new recipe. Take a moment for yourself. Breathe it all in and bask in the feeling of hygge.

You can achieve hygge on your own, with family or with friends - it’s a feeling, an experience. Simply welcome that cosy and warm feeling in this winter.


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