Deep in the heart of Dorset, there’s a rebellion afoot. Self-named the ‘Dairy Rebels of Dorset’, Hollis Mead Organic Dairy are doing things a bit differently in the world of farming. They are staunchly leading the way in taking organic dairy farming to the next level and nothing will deter them from their quest to produce wholesome, eco-friendly dairy produce that makes a noise about nature. They are on a mission to disrupt the dairy industry unapologetically, producing sustainable and wholesome dairy with truly memorable artisan products that are crammed full of flavour and character. As a family run affair where everyone mucks in where they can and when they can; this is truly small-scale family farming at it's very best. 

Hollis Mead Organic Dairy

What is so interesting about Hollis Mead is that there is an intrinsic faith in their way of farming. Oliver Hemsley, the founder of Hollis Mead, says they specialise in ‘good ol’ fashioned dairy that tastes like a dream and is known for its cream”. This, he says, is their religion. They “worship wildlife, have faith in organic farming to the extreme, and pray to the glorious goddesses of milk - [their] beautiful cows.” With their stunning sprawl of farm in West Dorset as their alter, it's easy enough to see how they believe something this magical. 

Hollis Mead Organic Dairy

In many ways, Hollis Mead’s way of farming is in a completely different league of their own.  Their herd of very friendly cows are living a life of luxury with the most hearty of diets. On the ground, they ensure that zero pesticides or artificial fertilizers are used on the farm and plant miles of biodiverse hedgerows meaning that a whole host of insects, birds and mammals can live a natural cycle and share their glorious land. Coupled with working with The Dorset Wildlife Trust, it is clear to see that everything that Hollis Mead does has biodiversity, environment and nature at their very heart. Like us here at Pipers Farm, they work hard to ensure that there is a proper commitment to working in harmony with nature. 

Hollis Mead Organic Dairy

This staunch commitment to farming the proper way shines through in the quality of their products. From their gut-loving kefir to their creamy yoghurt & their golden butter, they make by hand everything in small batches on the very same farm that the cows call home. Every product is meticulous in it's taste and the quality of the milk shines through as well as the excellent quality of life that their cows have. 

And the plaudits don’t stop there. From winning gold at The Taste of the West Awards and three gold stars at the Guild of Fine Food’s Great Taste Awards, the farm has also received special recognition from Compassion in World Farming for its farming practice, and was a finalist in the BBC Food and Farming Awards. This is truly ‘milk that makes a noise’. They are well on their way to showing the dairy industry that you can in fact do dairy ethically and sustainably on a 100% pastured system.

There’s no doubt about it that Hollis Mead are definitely doing things quite differently. From opening a hotel for hedgehogs, to hiring a musician to play for their cows whilst they eat, they are truly in a class of their own. They have charmingly given themselves their own name for their rebellion - the band of ‘merry milksters’ - and they are changing the world, one dairy product at a time

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