If you’re thinking about cooking some really nice pork over a hot, smoky fire, then these particular steaks, might be just what you’re looking for.

They have an excellent flavour and stay lovely and juicy on the inside, even if they’re dark and crispy on the outside. The sauce is exceptionally easy to make, but has so much depth.

If anchovies aren’t your favourite, you can leave them out and the result will still be tasty.

Recipe from the book Outside by Gill Meller, published by Quadrille Books available in all good bookstores now for just £30!

Photography by Andrew Montgomery (@montgomeryphoto). 



  • Set a grill over a hot part of the fire. Season the pork steaks with salt and pepper and lay them down on the grill. Cook them for 5 minutes on each side. If they’re fatty, this may cause the fire to flare up – just lift the pork away from the flames while they die back. Once cooked, remove the steaks and place them to one side to rest.

    Place a large pan on the heat and add the extra-virgin olive oil followed by the garlic, chilli flakes, anchovies, capers and rosemary. Toss all this around the pan until it starts to smell amazing and the anchovies begin to melt into the garlic (don’t let the garlic burn). Now add the butter and, when it’s bubbling, add the pork shoulder steaks and the parsley.

    Spoon the butter over the steaks, basting them generously in all the punchy flavours. Make sure the pork is lovely and hot, then serve at once.

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