Native Breed Pork Neck Steak

Perfect gently cooked on the barbecue, or cooked super slowly in the oven Read more


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Our Native Breed Pork Neck has to be one of our favourite cuts of pork. With rich melting fat laced throughout the meat, the sweet flavour of our three week hung, pasture raised pork is sublime. 

Our Pork Neck Steak works perfectly on the BBQ, if you allow the flames to gently lick the pork and create a lightly charred outside, you will have a very special meal on your hands. 

We hang our slowly grown, native breed pork for at least three weeks, resulting in a lingering depth of flavour and firm texture.

Free Range Pork

Get a heavy-based pan extremely hot and place the pork in. Sear pork on all sides so that there is a wonderfully caramelised brown crust to the pork neck. Then, reduce the heat to medium and turn the pork every few minutes to ensure even cooking on all sides. 

If cooking over a firepit, ensure that the grid is extremely hot before searing pork on all sides. Once seared, move the pork neck steak over to the side of the grid lower in temperature to cook for the remainder of the time.  

After 30 minutes, check the temperature at the centre of the steak. The target temperature should be 62°c at the core of the steak. Once achieved, leave to rest at room temperature for 15 minutes. 

Carve to desired thickness and serve alongside fresh salads and crusty bread rolls for an outsanding midsummer feast. 

Sticky Soy BBQ Pork Neck

A sticky and delicous marinade, perfectly compliaments the sweet, buttery flavour of our native breed pork neck. A little charr on the outside of this cut adds even more depth to the flavour of our award winning pork.

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