Picanha may be the darling of the beef BBQ, but we'd like you to meet the best-kept-secret on the beef carcass - the rump tail. With a beautifully beefy flavour and a distinctive open grain that cries out for caramelisation, this cut is a real celebration of our artisan butchery.

Traditional British butchery sees this cut removed as a block along with other rump muscles. This block of 'rump' is cut into steaks that could stretch across three or four different muscle groups. The trouble with butchering this way means that you have one piece of meat that contains multiple textures, all that need different cooking methods and times. It can make cooking a steak to perfection almost impossible and you lose out on unique and delicious cuts such as rump tail.

In contrast, at Pipers Farm, we seam out each individual muscle giving you one texture to perfect, and guarantees you not only a better cooking experience but also a better eating experience too.

Here our butcher and chef Connor Reed talks how to butcher the rump complex rump muscle form a beef carcass, with our friend, cookery writer and fire cooking expert, Genevieve Taylor. Watch as they discuss what makes Rump Tail so special and so ideal for the barbecue.


You can order our grass-fed Pipers Farm rump tail.

Try it out with Genevieve’s exclusive recipe for rump tail on toast with spring onions & romesco.

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