Free Range Chicken Carcass

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About our Free Range Chicken Carcass

Making great stock is so much easier if you start with the right ingredients. Our chicken carcasses are from our flock of Properly Free Range birds. Their free-range lifestyle, involving lots of roaming around grass fields foraging for insects and eating plenty of forage, combined with their diet of simple cereals like whole corn and barley, means they develop strong bones full of really nutritious marrow.

We take time to develop real depth of flavour, our birds to grow slowly and live significantly longer than most other free-range and organic poultry. We hang each bird for a week, this creates the unique flavour we have become famous for. 

Perfect for making stocks, broths and soups. 


Your meat will arrive frozen.
When your meat arrives simply pop it into your freezer.
When you have chosen what you would like to eat, drop your items, still in their individual packaging into cool water and wait for 15 minutes...
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There is a minimum order value of £30 for all orders. Delivery is available in the UK, including Scottish highlands, Channel Islands, Isle of Man and Northern Ireland.
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Notes from the kitchen

Place the carcass and some diced veg like celery, onion and carrots into a large deep pot and cover with water so the carcasses are neatly submerged.

Put the lid on the pot and bring to the boil, skim off any of the foam of that bubbles to the top so that your stock will be clear once finished.

Simmer on the lowest setting of your hob for roughly 6 hours, but really as long as you can leave it. The longer you cook it the more gelatinous your stock will be.

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