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Rump Steak

Each steak is approximately 200g.

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A classic cut from the hindquarters of the beef carcass, Pipers Farm rump steak is meticulously butchered from the eye muscle, carefully trimmed and cut thick. Coming from a muscle that’s well exercised, our rump steaks pack a satisfyingly huge punch of flavour. They’re well textured with plenty of bite – a really meaty steak. Cut without external fat, the internal marbling in the meat melts away on cooking resulting in a succulent, juicy steak that can hold its own with rich sauces.

Our Devon Red Ruby cattle live active lifestyles, so the meat they produce has abundant and distinctive flavour because the way we rear them is totally natural. Native to South West England, they thrive on the varied plants and grasses of Devon’s pastures and moorland so there’s no need to supplement their diet with concentrates or cereals. At Pipers Farm we’re proud that all of our beef is grass fed and comes from a breed with such a long history in our region. Relatively small and stocky in stature with their trademark red coat, Red Rubies carry muscle evenly across the carcase and produce consistently top-quality meat. They’re resilient and even-tempered, with strong skeletons that grow slowly to natural maturity.

With animal welfare at the core of our philosophy, all of our cattle are transported in small groups to a local abattoir to minimise stress. Our team of butchers then hang the carcasses for 28 days, so that when they come to cut the meat it’s fully relaxed, tenderised and packed with flavour.

How to cook rump steak

Delicious cooked simply on a very hot griddle or pan for around three minutes a side, then rested for 5 minutes more. The outside should be browned to perfection and the middle left juicy and pink. Serve with a classic béarnaise laced with tarragon, a quick creamy mushroom sauce or simply melt over some of your favourite zingy blue cheese.

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