A delicious, flavourful soup that puts to bed any misconception that soup isn't a hearty meal in itself. Packed with tender chicken, warming chorizo and creamy butter beans, a bowl of this soup will nourish your body and delight your taste buds.




  • Into a pan drizzle a little oil, then place over a high heat. Once the pan is hot, add the chicken and fry off until they are beautifully seared. Place into an oven to continue cooking.  

    To a casserole dish, add butter, onions, salt and the bay leaves. Sweat down until the onions have become transcluent.  

    Turn the heat up a touch and add the chorizo and fry off until it is lovely and golden.  

    Turn the heat back down and add the paprika, garlic and fresh herbs. Allow the garlic to gently cook off, making sure not to catch it on the bottom of the pan.  

    Then, to the pot add the chicken stock and turn the heat back up a notch. Bring the pan up to a boil. Once boiling, turn it down and allow it to simmer for about 15 minutes. You want the flavours to have really come together and the liquid to have reduced by about a third.  

    To the pan, add the cream and butter beans. Gently simmer for about 5 minutes.  

    Check the seasoning and add a good whack of black pepper.  

    Serve alongside some beautiful buttery sourdough bread.  


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