A fondue is the perfect way to gather together with friends and family and enjoy the simple pleasures of good food and good company.

This recipe is a celebration of seasonal vegetables, roasted until tender and golden, and paired with an array of delectable accompaniments to dip and dunk to your heart's content.



  • Bash the garlic so the clove splits, exposing the inside, and rub the clove around a cast iron casserole pan. Throw the clove into the base of the pan and then pour in the white wine. Place the pan over medium heat and leave to simmer. 

    Turn the heat down, then add the Lincolnshire Poacher cheese, a little at a time and whisk quickly, allowing the small handful of cheese to melt before adding another. Once you have added all of the Poacher, begin adding the grated Vintage Cheddar, then tear off small chunks of Tunworth. Finally, spoon in St Jude. Keep stirring the cheese until it is beautifully smooth. 

    Add a generous grating of nutmeg then transfer to a fondue set, or using a wire cooling rack, place the pan over a tea light. Get stuck in straight away, as when the cheese cools it will thicken, so it's important that you dive in with gusto as soon as the pan hits the table. 

    Serve with a cornucopia of sides including; charcuterie, roasted veg, toasted bread and boiled or roasted potatoes. 

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