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Quicke's Vintage Clothbound Cheddar
Quicke's Vintage Clothbound Cheddar

Quicke's Vintage Clothbound Cheddar

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Handcrafted using heritage starters by expert cheesemakers, this exquisite cheddar is clothbound and naturally matured, typically for 24 months.

A rich, intense cheese with huge depth of flavour, from umami to buttery, to salted caramel.

With over a century's experience between them, the Quicke's families team of expert cheesemakers understand that what they do is an art. Using all their senses, they individually craft every cheese by hand. The recipes they follow date back generations; each batch of cheese is started using a culture that has remained unchanged for decades.

At every stage of its creation they strive for greatness, and it all begins with the land. The red Devon soil, the gentle rain and warmth of sunlight give lush pasture to feed their cows. Quicke's use a carefully managed grazing system to ensure the cows get the best lush grass. 

Grass has a lot good things going for it: feed cows on grass, and their milk contains more conjugated linoleic acid, CLA, (good for everything) and the beneficial ratio of Omega 3 oils and Omega 6. That rich yellow colour in the milk comes from carotene (vitamin A) in grazed grass, too. Quicke's milk is a true expression of our the Devon terrior, making it the most incredible ingredient for their outstanding clothbound cheddar.


Pasteurised Cow's Milk, Cornish Sea Salt, Starters, Rennet 

Keep refrigerated. To enjoy this cheese at its best, eat within 7 days of opening and by the best before date shown. Once opened we recommend wrapping your cheese in greaseproof paper and storing in an air-tight container in the fridge.


We farm in harmony with nature, using regenerative farming techniques to nurture our countryside. By supporting us you are helping us to sustain 25 small-scale farming families.

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We have received the countries highest accolades including; BBC 4 Food & Farming Best Producer, The Telegraph's Best Butcher, The Independent's Best Meat Box, Great Taste Top 50 Best Food Products.



We've got a lot to thank Anne Boleyn for. It was because of her that Henry VIII fell out with the Catholic church, dissolved the monasteries and reallocated their land. Some of that land, particularly a beautiful stretch near Newton St Cyres in Devon was given to the Quicke family who established themselves in this green and very pleasant corner of Devon.


The Quicke fell in love with the place and set to work, inspired by the family motto 'Petit ardua virtus' - 'strength seeks challenges'. Generation after generation, they toiled and tilled and tended, nurturing the ancient fields and woodlands, doing all they could to build a better farm, serve the village and create a beautiful place to live.


Using traditional recipes, time-honoured techniques and heritage starters passed down through the generations, the Quicke family have been making world class clothbound cheeses for five generations and continue to create outstanding cheddar to this day.


Made by hand in the old-fashioned way, slowly matured for a deeply satisfying flavour, the cheese celebrates the deep connection that has grown between the Quicke family and the land they have nurtured for almost 500 years.