For us, homemade stuffing is an absolute necessity for any celebratory feast. It can often be forgotten about, in amongst other showstoppers such as the bronzed bird, the golden crisped roasties and those ever frisky, seasonal stars, the pigs-in-blankets. In our eyes, stuffing is the glue around which the entire festive feast revolves.

Stuffing (also known as dressing) has evolved in many ways since it's advent in the middle ages. Nowadays, boxed stuffing is all the rage being quick and easy to make. But we're here to tell you that real homemade stuffing is just as quick, just as easy, and a whole sight more delicious than the cardboard box version. It is the perfect blend of Sausage meat, herbs and delectably fruity zing. Your Christmas feast deserves a stuffing recipe like this!



  • Preheat the oven to 180C. Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl, apart from the fresh orange slices and bay leaves. Press the minced meat mixture into a loaf tin. On the top of your homemade stuffing, beautifully arrange your sliced orange and bay leaves on top. Bake at 180C oven for 30mins.

  • Once cooked, serve sliced with your favourite roast dinner of your choice.

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