Our Turkeys are fed a totally natural diet. Raised on pasture they eat forage as a good proportion, along with windfall apples, fodder beet and wholegrains. Five small-scale farming families rear our flock of Properly Free Range Turkeys in harmony with nature.

Once our turkeys have reached natural maturity they are plucked by hand and hung in time honored tradition for 12 days. Our team of amazing butchers prepare each bird by hand, wrapping them with a pretty posy of herbs to add to your stuffing. Your bird is then safely secured in our recyclable sheep's wool packaging and delivered to your door ready for the big day.



  • Thaw out completely (overnight in a kitchen, or 2 - 3 days in a fridge or the box it arrives in). 

    Remove from its packaging and bring to room temperature. 

    Wrap the turkey in 2 layers of foil and place in oven dish into pre-heated oven at 180°C. 

    Cook according to the size of the turkey, we recommend 30 minutes for every kilogram. 

    For last 20 minutes of cooking, cut open the foil to enable the skin to brown.

    Be careful not to burn it- if it is browning too quickly, cover with some foil. 

    Test the thickest part of the turkey with a meat thermometer. When the temperature reaches 55°C, it is ready. IF you do not have a meat thermometer, put a skewer in the turkey for 30 seconds and then touch it against the back of your hand. If it is warm, the turkey is cooked. 

    Remove the turkey from oven, lift it out of the foil and onto a board with a channel around it to collect the juices.

    Pour the juices from the foil into the saucepan. 

    Add 2 packs of turkey stock (and some red wine, if you like) and simmer for 30 mins whilst turkey is resting. This should reduce and thicken the juices. 

    Turn turkey over and undo the bow and pull the string which ties it together. 

    Turn back the right way. 

    Cut the turkey in half lengthways. 

    Carve for each person giving their own preference for brown or white meat and stuffing. 

    The rich sauce is the perfect accompaniment!

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