I don't know about you but in our household, at Christmas time, every drink that is poured needs to have something to accompany it, something to nibble on.

There will be warming drinks, frivolous bubbly drinks, strong and sweet drinks, drinks usually found in the back of the cupboard that only seem to magically appear around this time of year.

There is a good reason for all this festive frivolity, for us Christmas is a time of year to celebrate and give thanks for all the special people in our lives.

As all our loved ones can contest to, I am a true feeder, nothing gives me more pleasure than to see guests topped up and fed well before they are packed off into the brisk winters night.

This recipe is perfect for planned or unplanned gatherings requiring some much-needed fodder. It also makes a wonderful gift, if you really want to go overboard on the feeder-stakes, you could pack guests off with a jar or two to take home. Either way, our pork liver and damson paté pairs wonderfully with booze and is a brilliant make-ahead giving you more time to enjoy the company of your loved ones, or indulging in one or two drinks yourself.

The damson jam makes a wonderful seasonal touch, using up fruit that is in abundance right now. You don't need to make your own jam from scratch, you could just use a jar of jam from your kitchen cupboard to create the same result.

Tis the season after all. Cheers!



  • First make the paté. Sweat off the shallots, garlic and thyme in a bit of butter, until the shallots are soft and translucent.

  • Pour the Kingston Black into a saucepan and over a medium heat reduce the liquor by half.

  • In another pan add the rest of the butter and carefully melt it so it's just warm.

  • Into a blender, add the saucepan of shallots, liver, all the eggs, the Kingston Black reduction and a pinch of sea salt. Very slowly pour in the warm butter, being careful not to let it split. Blend until the mixture resembles a chocolate milkshake.

  • Pour into individual sterilised Kilner jars. Place the jars into a ban-marie, cover with tin foil and then pop into an oven set to 130C for 40 mins.

  • Next make the Jam. Place the damsons into a deep-based saucepan and pour the water on top. Slowly bring to a rolling simmer and then leave to continue simmering for 15 minutes, then add the sugar. Using a probe, bring the liquor to 123C.

  • Pass the liquid through a sieve, then pour on top of paté to create a seel. Place in the fridge and leave overnight to chill.

  • Serve on toasted Sourdough toast, with a glass of Kingston Black.

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