Properly Free Range Cockerel

Grown to 120 days, living properly free-ranging lives Read more

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A gem on any kitchen table, our Properly Free Range Cockerel offers bolder and more generous meat than a chicken.

A simple pleasure to cook and to eat, our cockerels are grown to 120 days and live properly free-ranging lives, running through clover-rich pastures within their small flocks. Winner of a 2019 Great Taste Award. 

These golden birds are reared in a healthy outdoor environment, free to run as they choose and are fed a natural diet of straightforward cereals, grass, nettles and any other morsels that they can find as they scratch amongst the hedgerows. 

To further develop the stunning flavour of our free-range cockerels, and give you meat at its very best, our birds are dry-plucked individually by hand. The birds are each hung for at least 12 days.

Our Properly Free Range Cockerels come with giblets. Our free-range poultry is naturally reared, so weights are not absolutely precise. 

We recommend placing your order for your Free Range Cockerel as early as possible to avoid missing out. 

Cockerels are available for delivery from 23rd November 2021. 

All Cockerels will be delivered frozen. 

Free Range Chicken

To cook your cockerel: 

Bring to room temperature and then rub with olive oil or butter and season well. Squeeze half a lemon over the cockerel and place the squeezed lemon in cavity along with 6 cloves of garlic, carrot chunks, celery and herbs of your choice - we like to use bay and thyme. Place in 200 degree pre-heated oven, breast-side down, for 30 minutes to sizzle. Reduce oven to 140 degrees, turn and baste. Roast for approx 40-45 minutes per kilo plus 30 minutes after that. Turn and baste every hour if you can. Once cooked, rest on warm plate under foil, breast-side down, for 30 mins before serving. 

What to do with the giblets:

Place giblets in a mini casserole dish with your leftovers in the fridge e.g. celery, carrot, half an onion, bunch of herbs (thyme, bay and parsley go well!) Cover with cold water and place in the oven along with cockerel and cook for the same time and temperature. Simple!Once the cockerel is resting out of the roasting pan, use the giblets and the stock you have made to deglaze the pan with some wine and a little sugar. Once reduced, strain and serve alongside your golden cockerel. 

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Family Farms, Not Factory Farms

Our farmers are the lifeblood of our business. With dirt under their fingernails, come rain or shine their commitment to producing food the right way, in harmony with nature, shines through in every mouthful of our produce. We passionately believe in supporting small-scale family farms who produce food honestly and with integrity.

Thoughtfully Delivered to Your Door

Over 30 years ago we founded Pipers Farm with one mission, to produce food we as a family could eat with complete confidence. We wanted to create a company that is ethically and environmentally responsible. When it comes to packaging we think long term, balancing the issues of climate change, pollution, and food waste. Our mission is to: Remove, Reduce, Re-love and Recycle all our packaging.

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