Wonderfully versatile and so quick and easy to make, duck breast is a wonderful staple for any a mid week supper.

If you're unfamiliar with kohlrabi, then after cooking this recipe you won't be. Extremely nutrient dense, kohlrabi is delicious cooked or raw. In this remoulade, kohlrabi takes the place of a more common celeriac, lending a new and different type of flavours and textures. Kind of cabbage-y, kind of turnip-y, with a hint of sweetness and a peppery bite, the kohlrabi pairs wonderfully with the savouriness of the duck.



  • In a hot cast-iron frying pan, add a little butter followed by the chicory face side down. Leave the chicory to lightly brown and then add the white wine, thyme and garlic and cover it in tin foil.

  • Place into a hot oven at 160 degrees for ten minutes. Lightly score the duck breasts and place into a hot, heavy based saucepan. Render out the fat on a medium heat for approximately five minutes or till the fat is gold.

  • Turn the breast over, add the butter, rosemary and garlic. Tilt the pan slightly and baste the breast with the foaming  butter for another five minutes. Remove from the pan and rest for a other five before slicing.

  • Peel the kohlrabi, thinly slice and cut into matchsticks. Dress with the olive oil, parsley, mustard and lemon. Season and serve immediately.

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