Porlock Bay lies on the eastern coastline of Exmoor National Park in Somerset. The area is a dynamic, constantly evolving landscape, with saltmarsh and freshwater habitats bordered by a long shingle ridge and fringed by fertile farmland against a backdrop of woodland, hills and moorland. It is a landscape that has been shaped by farming, and that is now being changed by nature. As a consequence, this special stretch of the British Isles is home to special plants and animals that can live in and adapt to this dynamic changing environment.

Porlock Bay is steeped in history, it is said that in 1052 the Saxon King Harold landed at Porlock Bay and set the town alight, burning it to the ground before marching on to London.

Pipers Farm Grass Fed Beef

Here, in this breathtaking landscape of big sky and views of the Bristol Channel is a very special family farm. John and his family have farmed this stretch of Porlock for over 5 generations, rearing grass fed Red Ruby cattle and traditional Exmoor Horn sheep in harmony with nature.

Pipers Farm Grass Fed Beef

John's family have been part of our wonderful tapestry of small-scale family farms for almost 30 years. We have worked with John and his family for almost as long as Pipers Farm has been in existence. 

Pipers Farm Grass Fed Beef

John’s grass fed Red Ruby cattle have graced our butcher’s block and many of your tables for almost as long as we have run Pipers Farm. 

It's really no surprise we have worked with John for so long, as right from the outset of Pipers Farm, when many of the farming industry though we were mad to prioritise nature over yield, eating quality over lowest cost, people over machinery, this special family farm had exactly the same ethos. John and his family have been farming this landscape with a commitment to nature for many, many years, with little changing in this breathtaking landscape. 

Pipers Farm Grass Fed Beef

The traditional stone walls that encase the farm are like family photos up a stairwell, telling you the story of who has lived in this place. Each generation has at some point heaved and stacked stones, caring for these ancient walls. They are a labour of love and are an indication of the hardworking, dutiful and thoughtful family who live in this place.

Pipers Farm Grass Fed Beef

There is no doubt about it, John’s farm has one of the finest views in the country. The big sky and big sea stretches out before you as far as the eye can see, surrounding the green hills and grey stone walls with a blanket of blue. There’s an interesting mix of birdlife, sea birds swoop, as do smaller birds you traditionally find dive-bombing pasture. There is wildlife everywhere, sharing this landscape harmoniously with both the native Red Ruby cattle and Exmoor Horn sheep, as well John’s clan. 


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