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Rye Sandwich with Brisket, Kraut and Melted Cheese by Claire Thomson

Rye Sandwich with Brisket, Kraut and Melted Cheese by Claire Thomson

By Mela Baldock
09, February 2021

We are delighted to be partnered once again with Claire Thomson, or perhaps you may know her from her Instagram alias, 5 O'Clock Apron.

Starting with Claire's Roast Brisket, this recipe uses leftovers from a classic Sunday roast and provides another 4 portions, at least, of mouthwatering fodder.

A properly indulgent sandwich is guaranteed to put a smile on the faces of all your family. This recipe is great for simple lunches in between Zoom calls! Claire has even provided you with a foolproof recipe for her rich-treacly rye bread, the perfect activity for your lockdown baking repatoire.


To make the rye bread: 

The bread recipe will make two loaves, approximately 23cm x 13cm. One can be used the the other frozen for a rainy day.

200g dark rye flour, plus extra for dusting 

550g strong white flour 

1 tbsp caraway seeds 

1/2 tbsp coriander seeds 

12g dried fast action yeast 

1 tbsp treacle or use molasses or runny honey 

10g salt 

Oil, for greasing 

To make the sandwich you will need; 

8 slices rye bread

50g butter, softened

1-2 tbsp mustard

150g cheddar, thinly sliced 

300g cooked brisket, thinly sliced 

200g sauerkraut, drained

Gherkin to serve 


To make the bread;

Put the rye flour in a mixing bowl. Carefully pour over the boiling water and stir with a spoon. Set to one side to cool for 30 minutes. 

In the bowl of a food processor or large mixing bowl, add the white flour, spices and yeast. Add the rye mixture. Add 250ml water along with the treacle and process with a dough hook, or mix by hand, to form a scraggy wet dough - at least three to five minutes if using a food mixer, a little more if working by hand. Add the salt and continue mixing for a minute. 

The dough will be sticky, so use a dough scraped if you have one, or wet your hands and work quickly to remove the dough and place in a lightly oiled bowl to prove until doubled in size, about one or two hours. The treacle will speed up the prove

Preheat the oven to 200C/180C fan/Gas 6 and line two loaf tins with greaseproof paper. Wet your hands to stop the dough from sticking. Turn the dough out on to a lightly oiled surface and cut it in half. Shape each half to fit the loaf tin, tucking the edges under neatly. Place the dough snugly in the lined tin, pressing down to fill the space. Cover the tins with a clean tea towel and leave to prove until the top of the dough has nearly reached the lip of tin, or until risen approximately half in size again. 

Dust the loaves with a little flour, then use scissors or a sharp knife to make two slashes on top of each loaf - this will help with a steady rise in the oven. 

Bake the loaves for 35 to 40 minutes, turning the temperature down to 180C/160C fan/Gas 4 after 10 minutes, until they are nicely coloured and hollow-sounding when tapped from beneath. 

Remove from the tin and allow to cool on a wire rack. 

To make the sandwich; 

Pre-heat the oven to 200C. Lightly toast the slices of rye bread and put to one side. Butter one side of each slice of bread and spread evenly with mustard to taste. Evenly divide the remaining ingredients on top of 4 slices of bread, layering the cheese, brisket & sauerkraut. Top each sandwich with remaining bread, place on a tray lined with greaseproof paper and place in the oven for 5 minutes until hot throughout and the cheese is melted. 

Serve with the pickled gherkin on the side. 

Rueben Sandwich - Claire Thomson - 5 O'Clock Apron

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