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Six Glorious English Wine & Artisan British Cheese Pairings

Six Glorious English Wine & Artisan British Cheese Pairings

By Rachel Lovell
18, June 2020

What better way to celebrate English wine week than coupling them with our outstanding British cheeses? We asked cheese expert Sam Wilkin to take us through his perfect pairings from our cellar and artisan cheese collections.

Lyme Bay Bacchus Block and Elderflower Cheddar from Quicke’s Traditional Cheese

Lyme Bay Bacchus Block Quickes Clothbound Elderflower Cheddar Cheese

This is a pairing that’s all about florality, fruitiness and summery aromas. Bacchus Block has a lovely freshness that is balanced with rich tropical fruits and aromatic, herbaceous undertones. Pairs particularly well with Elderflower Cheddar, which is delicately flecked with real elderflowers and a rich creamy mouthfeel from the cheese. 


Castlewood NV Brut with Bix from Nettlebed Creamery

Castlewood NV Brut Bix from Nettlebed Creamery  



Two words. Total Decadence. Foaming mouthfeel meets green apples and a long creamy finish. The NV Brut pairs beautifully with Bix, a triple cream cheese that has a melting butter texture in the mouth, so smooth, so creamy, so disgracefully delicious! 


Castlewood NV Rosé with St Jude from St Jude Cheese

Castelwood NV RoséSt Jude

A delicate, foaming bead with a suggestion of strawberries and cream pairs with this lactic, raw cow’s milk cheese. St Jude has a gentle milkiness and as it matures it develops richer, earthy notes that contrast well with the summer fruits in the wine. A pairing for a hot July day.


Lyme Bay Shoreline and Tor from Whitelake Cheese

Lyme Bay Shoreline Tor

Shoreline is a lemony fresh wine with a saline minerality that pairs beautifully with Tor, an ashed rind pyramid-shaped cheese from Somerset. Tor breaks down on the tongue to a smooth finish, as lemon rind and flintiness from the ash balancing well with that trace of sea spray in the wine.


Sharpham Pinot Gris Wild Ferment with Organic British Halloumi from High Weald Dairy

Sharpham Pinot Gris Wild Ferment Halloumi

This is a wine with spice and a grippy mouth feel, slightly tannic from the skin contact and great with richer, fatty food. Pairs fantastically with this organic British Halloumi – try marinating it in oil and oregano then cook over a wood fire. You’ll get something richly smoky and aromatic with a gorgeous texture that meets those tannins and dissolves satisfyingly on the tongue.


Sharpham Beenleigh Reserve with Baron Bigod from Fen Farm Dairy

Beenleigh ReserveBaron Bigod

Bursting with red fruit and carefully structured with velvety tannin, this English red from Devon pairs with the UK’s only Raw Milk Brie-style cheese, Baron Bigod. An oozing, silky texture with flavours of steak, confit garlic and a gentle sweet milkiness. This is a robust pairing with balance both in texture and flavour.

 Explore our English Wines here and our Artisan Cheeses collection here.

Sam Wilkin is an experienced cheesemonger supplying London's restaurant scene. Sam spreads his love for cheese as an expert trainer with The Academy of Cheese and also runs Cellarman, advocating cheesemakers by producing the Cellarman Podcast which focuses on Cheese and Cider and Food and Farming.


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