Last night, many of us shivered through another cold night, with areas across the UK experiencing near record breaking temperatures. 

During spells of such cold weather, it's hard to beat the delicious, soothing warmth that soup offers and here at Pipers Farm we are embracing soup season in all its flavoursome glory. 

At this time of year, supermarket aisles are packed with row upon row of tinned soup, from classic cream of chicken or tomato, to a spicy Mulligatawny. Many shoppers reach for these tins, seeking a quick and easy meal time option. Yet, undeniably, nothing can match the flavour or nourishment of a batch of delicious soup, homemade from scratch using quality ingredients and seasonal produce. 

We have pulled together a selection of recipes that will quench your soup craving and deliver every ounce of restorative goodness. From traditional Oxtail soup, packed will collagen and the rich, meaty flavour of our grass fed beef, to Apple and Celeriac soup, which showcases the virtues of eating less, but better meat, and making it go further. Sure to trigger fond memories of sipping homemade chicken soup in bed during a day off nursing a cold, is a bowl of Chicken and Leek broth; a recipe by our good friend Chris Onions, who makes the dish deliciously decadent by the addition of a chicken fat aioli.  

Explore our recipes and pencil in some time to make your own batch of flavoursome comfort food this soup season. 



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