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Pipers Farm free range bronze turkeys happily eating grass in a field.


Pipers Farm's properly free range Bronze turkeys


We rear our free range Bronze turkeys just in time for Thanksgiving and the Christmas & New Year season.

They hatch in late spring and spend their first 3 weeks snuggled under a brooder to let them grow the feathers that will protect them outside.

They then spend the summer roaming freely on the farm and are fed a totally natural diet that is entirely additive-free and chemical-free - just straightforward cereals, grass and cider apples!

We let them grow slowly so they can reach natural maturity.

We slaughter the turkeys by hand, either on the farm or very nearby. The carcasses are dry plucked, then hung for at least 2 weeks. This is in order to develop the wonderful texture and depth of flavour.

Free Range
Bronze Turkey

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