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Stir Fry Pork

Packed in 250g packs.
We recommend 1-2 portions per 250g.

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Cut from the leg muscles of the pork carcass, Pipers Farm free range stir fry pork is carefully trimmed by our expert butchers then cut into evenly sized strips. That means there's zero preparation for you, no wastage and absolutely no fat or gnarly bits. It also means your meat will cook rapidly and evenly, making it a versatile ingredient for many quick-as-a-flash suppers. The hearty flavour and tender texture of our stir fry pork is a reflection of the prime cuts we use to make it - and as it's super-lean, it's also a healthy option. A fantastic freezer staple that combines convenience and great value with top-quality taste.

Pipers Farm pork is characterised by distinctive flavour and robust texture. Its juiciness comes from the perfect balance of fat to meat we get from our slow-grown, native Saddleback and Welsh cross pigs. Having lived natural, active, outdoor lives in sociable groups, our pigs are slaughtered at a nearby abattoir and the carcases are hung on the bone for three weeks. During this hanging period, the meat matures, relaxes and loses any excess moisture, intensifying the flavour and ensuring maximum tenderness. It also means you'll see minimal shrinkage on cooking.

How to cook pork stir fry

Packed in handy 250g portions, Pipers Farm pork stir fry is simple and delicious when flash-fried and combined with crunchy, colourful seasonal veg for the ultimate healthy dinner. Toss into a smoking hot wok and stir fry until just starting to brown - it'll take only a few minutes for the meat to be cooked through and tender.

An ideal partner to hot and spicy flavours, pork stir fry is also delicious in tangy Thai curries or in Singapore noodles. Try it cooked quickly with Chinese five-spice, runny honey and rich soy sauce and served with fluffy rice for a speedy take on sticky Chinese pork.

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