Free Range Chicken Breast from Pipers Farm

Where is breast cut from?

The breast is the most popular and best know cut of chicken. Removed from the chest of the bird the breast is made up of the main muscle with the fillet attached. We remove the fillet from the breast and sell them separately. We recommend you always do this as they cook completely differently. The breast has the most fine-grained texture of all the cuts of chicken. It can dry out quickly so you need to be careful not to overcook it. We recommend you serve our chicken breasts just pink in the middle. Because of the healthy environment, we have grown our chickens, we thoroughly stand behind this statement, but wouldn't recommend you do this with other birds. Over the years we have seen many cooking crimes where breast meat has been diced to add to curries. Chicken breasts should be cooked hot and fast and left to rest. For slow cooking cuts, look to the leg of the bird.

Free Range Chicken Breast meat cuts diagram
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