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Pork Mince

Packed in 250g packs.
We recommend 1-2 portions per 250g.

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Coarse-ground for substantial texture, Pipers Farm pork mince is made with cuts from across the carcass, ensuring deep, distinctive flavour. We don't ever bulk our mince out with fat, fillers or funny bits - it's 100% prime pork and that means it won't shrink, seep or splutter when cooked. Packed in handy 250g bags, our pork mince makes an ideal freezer staple and can be quick-thawed in cool water in just 15 minutes. It doesn't get much more convenient than that!

Giving its versatility and deliciousness, it isn't surprising that pork is such a popular meat. Unfortunately, that popularity has led to the intensive farming of pigs that doesn't always have animal welfare as a priority. At Pipers Farm, we recognise that pigs are intelligent, sociable animals and it's important to us to rear them in an environment that allows them to fulfil their natural behaviours. That means living in family groups, free ranging outdoors for as much of the year as possible with adequate shelter from the sun, wind and rain. It's important for pigs to be able to rootle in the earth or in deep straw, to wallow in mud to cool down and to have plenty of space for boisterous play. Active, outdoor pigs grow strong bones and muscles and have robust immune systems, the benefits of which are passed on through their meat.

How to cook pork mince

From home-made burgers and spicy oriental meatballs to the richest tomatoey ragu, Pipers Farm pork mince is ultimately versatile. Its robust flavour makes it the perfect match for all cuisines, from earthy Middle eastern spices to the hot chillis of Mexico.

Try it combined with our Red Ruby beef mince for a really exceptional and distinctive Bolognese sauce. Perfect served with thick, flat ribbons of fresh pappardelle and topped with coarsely grated, tangy Parmesan cheese.

It's also yummy served with thick, flat ribbons of fresh pappardelle and topped with coarsely grated, tangy Parmesan cheese.

Another favourite you may want to try is our take on the Scandinavian classic Swedish Meatballs.

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