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COVID-19 Frequently Answered Questions

We are now accepting orders from new customers.

We’ve seen unprecedented demand at very short notice, putting strain on our Despatch and Butchery teams, which means shipping your order is taking us a little longer than usual. 

At present we are unable to offer next day delivery. Available dates are at present 1 week from your order date.  You can find our next available delivery date by clicking the basket icon and heading to the checkout.

We politely ask that you do not call or email us to check product availability, this can be found on our website.

If a product is unavailable it is marked ‘out of stock’. We are doing our best to make all products available, with most products 'out of stock' for less than a week. 

Please be aware, we are unable to provide you with dates of when items will be in stock again. Please  keep checking back on the website for updates, as we are unable to give you a date for when the product will be available again. 

Thank you for your understanding during this unprecedented time.

Frequently answered questions

Most of your order will be delivered to you frozen. From time to time we may have to cut some items fresh in order to fulfil your order, however we will always do our best to ensure that most cuts of meat will continue to be delivered frozen.

Please note that our meat is completely safe to freeze and refreeze.

Yes, simply pop a note in at the checkout letting us know that you are in isolation and we will ensure that our drivers follow protocol.

Once you have filled your basket with your items, please head to the checkout where you will be able to select the next available delivery date using the calendar. Most available delivery dates are about 1 week away from your order date.

If you need to add any items to your order please send an email to Subject to stock, we will do everything we can to add items to your order. We do need 4 working days notice before your order date to add items to your order.

We polity request that you only contact us if it is absolutely necessary and you try to complete your order via the website. We are dealing with high volumes of calls and are trying to prioritise elderly or vulnerable customers who can only contact us using the telephone. You can drop us an email with any questions, or contact us via live chat, however we hope that our website is full of lots of helpful information.

We're reviewing stock levels on a hourly basis. Currently, there has been limited issues with fulfilling the contents of our customers orders.

From time to time, we may not be able fulfil everything you've ordered, particularly if you have ordered a large quantity of a single product.

In the event that you do not receive your entire order contents, we will of course refund for the items that are missing from your order.

Please work with us during this period, we will do everything possible to respond to your emails and calls as quickly as possible.

We are doing our best to ensure our most popular products remain in stock. Please bear with us, and keep checking back on the website for the latest stock availability. Please do not contact us to ask for stock updates as the team will be unable to provide this information.

We are doing everything we can to prioritise deliveries for the elderly and any customers with compromised immunes as stated by the Government. If you really do need an order sooner please do call us and we will do what we can for you. We politely request that you only contact us if you really need to and are considerate to our customers who are the most vulnerable.

If you are in self isolation enough food to last two weeks is suggested. We can always deliver again to top you up at a later date if you should need to. We are doing our best to avoid large spikes in our supply chain.

At this time we do not have any issues with our supply chain. We have plenty of products available to you, including our delicious grass-fed beef and lamb as well as our properly free range chicken. You can also find lots of everyday essentials including Grass Fed milk and Cultured butter, along with slowly fermented bread and locally grown grains and pulses.

You can set up a regular order by placing orders as usual through our website. These will need to be completed one by one. However all you need to do is select a future date in our calendar, then check out as standard. If you would like another date, follow the same process, just change the date.

Of course, that is no problem at all, simply add their delivery address in at the checkout and pop a note in to tell us anything we may need to know about them i.e if they are in isolation or need support carrying their parcel in.