As part of our 'Less and Better' meat campaign, we’re encouraging you to explore just how far your meat can go.

Kitchens can be wonderful places to discover new dishes, and we hope that these secret weapons will help you stretch our sustainably produced meat as far as it can go. We truly believe that you only need a little meat to make a great meal. So roll up your sleeves, don that apron and perhaps give these ideas a go!

Lard, Ghee & Dripping

Fat to make meat go further? Yep. Stay with us though - we’re not asking you to spoon fat from a pot as a side dish, but rather use it as a flavour ingredient and not just as a tool to stop things sticking.

Our slow-grown native breeds have beautifully flavourful fat, and a little goes a long way. Whether it’s our truly tasty beef dripping or our richly porky saddleback lard, use our tasty fats to roast veg in or as a base for flexitarian soups and stews. Part of our core philosophy here at Pipers Farm is to use every bit of the animal that we can, as it is part of respecting its life and the love that goes into rearing our livestock. Fat deserves to be as valued as much our meat is.

Heritage Pulses

Pulses deserve a front and centre place in all our larders, bringing their dietary diversity, nutrition, texture and satisfaction with them. They are a particularly effective way of stretching meat further for those reluctant to let go of really meaty dishes, as they share many qualities with meat itself, and soak up flavours to elevate their savoury bite even further. A great place to start using them is to substitute 25-50% of the meat you would use in say a spaghetti Bolognese or chilli with pulses. We have loads of brilliant inspiring recipes here in the journal for the more adventurous too.

We have sourced the finest range of British grains and pulses from our friends Hodemedods, including beans and peas, as well as some of the first British-grown quinoa, to make your cooking diverse and sensational. As well as our dried grains, peas and pulses we have a growing range of ready-to-use canned beans and peas to make things super simple in the kitchen. Our range of Hodmedod's grains and pulses are all grown on British farms passionate about utilising regenerative techniques. Browse the collection here.

Handmade Stocks & Broths

Good stocks and broths are superb kitchen allies. When made using bones and collagen from slow grown livestock, they are especially loaded with nutrition and flavour, and come with feel-good thrift and satisfaction as they make the most of every scrap of the animal. Whether you embrace the kitchen ritual of making it yourself using our beautiful bones, or go for our equally flavourful and health-benefit-packed pouches, having a batch on standby in the freezer sets you in good stead for the week. Use to cook pasta or grains for a meat-free weekday feed, add to meat juices for punchy sauces and gravies or go classic with simple veg-packed soups and stews. From game to chicken, beef to veg, we have something for all your cooking. Take a look here.

Artisan Pasta & Grains

Pasta has a bad rep when it comes to healthy eating, but the right kind is a brilliant staple that can be nourishing and satisfying. Forget about pairing mounds of meat with fast-burning ultra-refined carbs, and instead take the slow burning, less and better long view. Wholegrain and stoneground pastas, and grains such as spelt has a lower GI – Glycaemic Index - which means they slowly release energy instead of creating blood sugar spike that leaves you feeling hungry and reaching for the snacks. They are also great for absorbing the savoury notes when cooking, and carrying the flavour further. Astificio Carleschi is the first and only British artisan producer of organic dry pasta made with British stoneground flour from the ancient wheat varieties of Spelt, Emmer and Einkorn. Slow dried at a low temperature to ensure great taste, texture and tenure in cooking, Meanwhile our grains are produced by the brilliant Hodmedods, whose sustainability credentials are as strong as our own – and both champion homegrown produce. Explore our heritage pasta and grain collections here.

Fava Bean Umami Paste

A flavour laden addition so you won’t need so much meat. This is similar to a Japanese miso but made with British-grown fava beans, packed with deep rich umami flavour with subtle notes of sherry; add to all manner of dishes from broths to stir-fries and everything in between. Expect deep, satisfying umami flavours that burst with fizzy fermentation, complex soy like notes with a natural sweetness that is really harmonious and delicious. Made with just fava beans, water and salt, fermented with live cultures too, so it’s great for the gut too. Take a look here.

Delectable Dried Wild Mushrooms

Add an umami punch to your meals with these meaty dried, mixed wild mushrooms. These rich-in-flavour morsels give a great balance of taste and texture to any of your kitchen offerings. Enjoy in creamy risottos, or add for a flavour kick to rich stews or ramen noodles, or even just simply pan-fry with a little butter and stir through ribbons of pasta for a simply delectable weekday supper, or pair with just a touch of bacon for a satisfyingly savoury dish. A fantastic combination of Devon grown shiitake, yellow oyster, nameko, maitake and king oyster goes into every pack. Order here.

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