A stunning joint like our Grass-Fed Leg of Lamb deserves some equally stunning flavours. Achiote paste is packed full of aromatic herbs and spices such as cumin, paprika and coriander, and is prominent in Central American cookery. A perfect paring with a tender and delicious leg of lamb.

Slow cooked lamb leg really is one of life's pleasures, and cooking over the flames adds depth and a hint of smokiness to the meat. 

The quinoa, garlic and rosemary oil salad provides the ideal accompaniment, with the the garlic and rosemary blending perfectly with the light and fluffy quinoa, and would make an excellent centrepiece at a dinner party. 



  • Using a pestle and mortar, blend and mix all the ingredients to a paste.

    Score the leg of lamb slightly and rub the paste all over the lamb leg.

    Leave overnight or a couple of hours in advance of cooking to allow the lamb to absorb the flavours. 

    Cook over the fire slowly for 2-3 hours, checking every 30 minutes or so. Using a rosemary sprig, baste the meat with the remaining marinade. 

    For the salad, boil the quinoa with salt and a couple of spring onions. Infuse the garlic and oil slowly in a pan over the fire.

    Mix the quinoa, herbs, lemon juice and salt, then add the infused oil.

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