Kimchi is the Korean version of Sauerkraut, it's far punchier due to its spicy-sour ingredients including; chilli, ginger and garlic. There is a natural tang and subtle fizziness to Kimchi, which adds a really moreish layer to this recipe.

We have used our awesome Eaten Alive Kimchi for this recipe. It is spicy and slightly sour with a deep umami flavour, that works perfectly with our spicy marinade.

Highly nutritious and full of probiotics, fermented foods such as Kimchi are a key ingredient to a healthy diet. Research continues to show that maintaining a balanced healthy microbiome is not just essential for the digestion and assimilation of food but also plays a much wider role in human physiology.

Overall physical and mental health is greatly effected by the health of your gut which makes up the majority of your immune system and is regulated by the microbes that live there. Live fermented foods are a rich natural source of friendly bacteria and a great way to maintain gut health.

With a whole range of tummy-loving ingredients like our raw cultured butter, Grass Fed Ghee and live Kimchi, this recipe proves that 'healthy' food can be flavourful and delicious too.

If you prefer, you can leave out the sourdough bread and make this recipe as a beautifully light, fresh salad. You could also swap out the turkey steaks for chicken thighs or even pork steaks if you are looking to incorporate a little more fat into your diet.



  • Combine the honey, garlic, ginger and soy. Rub on turkey steak and leave to marinate for three hours (or as long as possible).

  • Take a cast iron pan and add the ghee. Once hot add the turkey steak to the pan and cook for around 2 minutes on each side, until cooked through, then leave to rest for 5-10 minutes.

  • While resting, slice the onion, chop the coriander and mix it with the kimchi. Toast the sourdough and smother with a good amount of our raw cultured butter, then pile the marinated turkey and kimchi mix into the sandwich.

  • You can also leave out the bread and add this mix to some fresh salad leaves, for a vibrant salad.    

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