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We recommend 4 to 5 portions per kg.

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A prime forequarter cut, Pipers Farm brisket is a really hearty, traditional joint that epitomises all that's good about our red ruby beef. Taken from a muscle that's done a lot of work, the brisket responds best to long, slow cooking - this allows the open grain of the meat to relax and become perfectly tender. It also allows the seam of fat to melt away, enriching the gravy and complementing the meat. For the perfect balance of meat and fat, each joint is meticulously trimmed then neatly rolled and securely tied. 

How to cook a beef brisket

For a classic pot roast, sear your brisket until well browned on all sides then cook, immersed in rich beef stock, beer and herbs in a low oven (160°C) for at least two hours, ideally longer. Serve with roasted seasonal veg or some creamy mash and crisp greens.

Alternatively, treat yourself to a real taste of a New York Jewish deli, by giving your brisket a long soak in spiced brine before roasting or hot smoking it. Serve it on thin-sliced rye bread with crunchy pickles and home-made mayo for the ultimate indulgent sandwich.

Also, you can try Pot Roasted Red Ruby Brisket In Guinness - simple, classic and brilliant for Sunday lunch!

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