Native Breed Pig's Heart

Full of incredible nutrients like B vitamins and Omega 3's Read more


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Our Native Breed Pig's Heart is full of incredible nutrients like B vitamins and Omega 3's, it is also naturally higher in; protein, thiamine, folate, selenium, phosphorus, zinc, and is a great way to rack up amino acids that can improve metabolism.

Try stuffing the pig's heart and slow cooking, or pan fry simply and serve like a steak.

Each heart weighs approximately 350g.

Free Range Pork

To cook quickly:

Slice the pigs heart and lightly season.

Take a castiron pan and add a little lard, ghee or butter. Once the fat is bubbling, add the sliced of heart. Cook for no more than 3 minutes. 

Serve straight away. 

To slow cook:

Cut the pigs heart along one side and fill with your choice of stuffing. 

Tie the heart together and place in a casserole dish with a good glug of stock and wine.

Place into a preheated oven set to 150C and slow cook for four hours until the meat is tender.

Seared Pigs Heart with Parmesan, Fennel & Lovage, by Sam Lomas

Using pigs heart, like a fillet steak, to create a classic carpaccio-style dish exudes indulgence whilst demonstrating how offal doesn’t have to be buried in pies to get it on the menu.

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