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This delightful mix of zingy, creamy and aromatic cheeses makes the most fabulous cheese board. Read more


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Tuck into our selection of the finest artisan farmhouse cheese. This delightful mix of zingy, creamy and aromatic cheeses makes the most fabulous cheese board. 

The Artisan Cheese Box includes:

Lincolnshire Poacher - Cow's Milk

Handcrafted using heritage starters by expert cheesemakers, this exquisite cheddar is  naturally matured, typically for 14 to 16 months. A rich, intense cheese with a huge depth of flavour.     

Pitchfork Cheddar - Cows' Milk

A genuine British cheese superstar, Pitchfork cheddar is a full-bodied cheese with a glorious undertone of tropical fruit, this cheese is named after the pitchforks that are used to toss the curds in the salt just after milling and before packing into the moulds. It has also joined the prestigious Slow Food Presidium, which aims to protect traditional foods that are at risk of extinction.  

Baron Bigod - Raw Cows' Milk 

We’re rather excited about this cheese. It is the only traditional raw milk Brie-de-Meaux style cheese produced in the UK. The cheese has a silky texture and a golden curd, with long-lasting complex flavours of farmyard, morels and warm earth. Awarded Gold at the British Cheese Awards.    

Cropwell Bishop Blue Stilton - Cow's Milk

Rich, creamy and resplendent with a vibrant blue. The classic stilton should never be far away from any cheese box and this traditional, hand-ladled Blue Stilton is the perfect fit for your cheeseboard puzzle.

Gorgeously rich and tangy with a distinctly unique, strong flavour, Cropwell Bishop's Blue Stilton has a melt in the mouthfeel and velvety soft texture. Buttery and complex, this cheese has a spicy long finish and is sure to be the star of any evening. 

Bix - Cow's Milk

A soft, pasteurised, triple cream cheese, named after the village where the herd grazes, Bix bears a passing resemblance to the French cheese Chaource, but also has its own unique personality. Beneath the white wrinkly rind is a dense, ultra creamy interior with a moreish lactic tang. 

Lincolnshire Poacher

Raw Cow's Milk, (MILK) Cornish Sea Salt, Starters, Rennet 

Pitchfork Cheddar

Raw Cows' Milk, (MILK) sea salt, starter cultures, animal rennet

Baron Bigod

Made with raw cow's milk (MILK) and animal rennet

Cropwell Bishop Blue Stilton

Cow's Milk, (MILK) Salt, Animal Rennet, Starter Culture, Mould Cultures  


Made with pasteurised cow's milk (MILK) and animal rennet.

How to style an Autumnal Cheese Board

It's a time to slow down, gather loved ones together and indulge in some seasonal feasting with a beautiful selection of artisan cheese.

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  • Bergecrac, Rouge  1x

    A fantastically rich wine that has great vanilla and tobacco notes

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