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Sirloin of Beef

We recommend 4-5 portions per kg.

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Meticulously boned, rolled, trimmed and tied by our team of master butchers, Pipers Farm sirloin of beef makes a stunning centrepiece that's pleasingly simple to cook and carve. If you're a fan of the finely grained texture and robust flavour of a sirloin steak, you'll love this joint that's cut from the same muscle. A beautiful melting layer of superficial fat combines with subtle marbling to produce meat that's flavoursome, juicy and moist. An excellent way to serve and impress a crowd of steak lovers without having to cook individual portions.

All of our beef comes from Devon Red Ruby cattle, a traditional breed that's native to our part of the world. It's 100% grass fed beef - we never feed our cattle cereals, grains or concentrates as we believe that cattle that's slow-grown on a diet of grass produce the very best meat.The mixed grasses, herbs and plants of our pastures and moors provide all the nutrients our cattle need to be healthy, strong and have robust effective immune systems. We don't douse our fields in chemical fertilisers and pesticides, which means that meat produced by our animals is as pure and nutritious as can be.

How to cook sirloin of beef

Sear your sirloin over a medium heat until the external fat crisps up and starts to render down and all sides are well browned. Once seared, pop the joint into an oven preheated to 180°C for 25 minutes per kilo then allow to rest for 20 minutes before carving. At an internal temperature of 50-55°C your sirloin will be rare, 60°C will be medium rare. Serve as a classic roast, thickly sliced with a rich beefy gravy, crisp roasties, seasonal veg and lots of hot horseradish. Roast sirloin also works well with the earthiness of mushrooms in a creamy sauce or the grassy tang of a herby-lemony salsa verde.

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