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  • Christmas goose is such a brilliant choice for a traditional Christmas dinner. You simply cannot get more indulgent than a plump Christmas Goose surrounded by beautifully crisp goose fat roasted potatoes. 

    Our Properly free-range Christmas whole goose has a wonderfully rich flavour with sumptuous buttery fat. Each award-winning goose is dry plucked by hand and hung in time-honoured tradition for 12 days to develop the intense flavour and incredible texture that we are famous for. You'll also receive a pack of giblets with your beautifully prepared free-range whole goose.

    Due to the popularity of our Properly Free Range Christmas Goose, we recommend placing your order for your Christmas Goose as early as possible to avoid missing out. We only have a limited number of Geese available this Christmas. 

    Our Free Range Christmas Goose is available for delivery from 12th December. You can order at any time (while stocks last) and book your delivery closer to Christmas.  

    How We Rear Our Free Range Whole Goose

    Our properly free range geese are slowly reared amongst grassy pastures with acres of space to roam.

    All our geese are reared on small scale family farms.

    Our geese eat a totally natural diet of homegrown whole grains.

    Our Free Range poultry is naturally reared, so weights are not absolutely precise. We recommend 2 portions per kg.

    Our Free Range Whole Goose is delivered FRESH*

    *unless you are one of our Highlands and Islands customers, then we will deliver your goose to you FROZEN on our two day service.

  • Free Range Goose

  • Pre-heat the oven to 200C.

    It is really important to take your goose out of the fridge early on the day you plan to cook it. You want to allow it to come up to room temperature so the meat isn’t shocked when you place it in the oven.

    Using some kitchen towel pat the goose dry and ensure there isn’t any liquid lingering in the cavity. 

    Pull the wings and legs away from the goose, this allows the heat to circulate around the bird. With a skewer or the tip of a sharp knife, pierce the fattiest parts of the bird, being careful only to puncture the fat and not the flesh. 

    To stuff the goose, spoon your stuffing mixture into the neck cavity end of the goose, pressing it in as far as you can and then tucking the neck skin all around it and shaping it nicely with your hands. Secure the skin underneath with a skewer or a couple of cocktail sticks. When you’ve done that, rub the goose all over with the butter and season the bird all over with salt and pepper. Place the bouquet of herbs in the cavity of goose. 

    Place the bird on a wire rack and then place the wire rack into a large roasting dish. It is important to do this due to the copious amounts of fat in a properly free range goose, otherwise, the heat cannot penetrate the entire bird and it will stew in its fat.

    Place the goose in the middle of the hot oven for 40 minutes. 

    Turn the oven down to 180C and cook for a further 20 minutes per kilo, basting occasionally. 

    Once cooked you can check the internal temperature of the meat. The breast should be about 60C, but if you like your bird well done cook it until it reaches a temperature of 72C.

    Now remove the goose carefully to a large plate, cover and keep warm. Spoon out the hot fat (keep this in a jar in the fridge for next time, or use to make the best roast potatoes.

    To carve the goose, remove the whole breast first, carefully slicing down each side of the breastbone with a sharp knife and gently easing the breasts away from the goose. Slice the breast across the grain into thick pieces. Then take the legs off at the base of the thigh and carve these in a more traditional way.

  • If your bird has been delivered fresh, take it out of its wrapping. 

    Place your bird on a wire rack or a plate and place it on the bottom of your fridge. 

    Make sure you leave space around your bird to allow the air to circulate and ensure it stays dry.

    Keep hold of your card label for the 'best before' date and the weight of your bird. We recommend you leave your meat at room temperature for a few hours before cooking.

    If your bird has been delivered frozen, you can pop it straight into the freezer until you are ready to use it. 

    Depending on the size of your bird, you'll want to allow plenty of time to defrost it.

    Remove from its packaging then put your bird on a wire rack or on a plate and place it at the bottom of the fridge. 

    Make sure you leave space around your bird to allow the air to circulate and ensure it stays dry.

    For large birds, allow two to three days to defrost in the fridge. For the breast and leg, one to two days will be fine.

    We recommend you leave your meat at room temperature for a few hours before cooking.

    You can find all our cooking instructions at 

    • Standard Delivery (8am - 7pm, Tuesday - Friday) on orders over £75 is £3.95
      Standard Delivery (8am - 7pm, Tuesday - Friday) on orders under £75 is £5.95
      Standard Delivery Highlands & Islands (2 day service) is £14.95
    • Express Delivery (8am - 12pm, Tuesday - Friday) £7.95* excludes Highlands & Islands
    • All meat is delivered frozen in insulated packaging specifically designed to keep your food safe in transit
    • Delivered in compostable and fully recyclable packaging

How to Cook a Free-Range Goose

There is no better smell than the scent of its rich meat roasting in the oven. The flavour of the meat is indulgent and quite extraordinary, there really is nothing that compares. Earthy, rounded, sweet and savory all at the same time.

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