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Entrecote Steak

Each steak is approximately 200g.

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Much beloved by the French, entrecôte - meaning 'between the ribs' - is taken from the eye muscle of the sirloin. Our skilled butchers expertly cut and meticulously trim each steak by hand, removing all superficial fat to make the entrecôte an excellent choice for those who prefer their steaks without fat. But don't think this means a Pipers Farm entrecôte is anything other than succulent - their internal marbling makes sure they're juicy and full of flavour when cooked. Fine-grained and exceptionally tender, this indulgent cut deserves to take centre stage alongside a rich, earthy bottle of Malbec or Bordeaux.

How to cook entrecote steak

Our entrecôte steaks have a depth of flavour that speaks for itself so you don't need to do much messing about to get great results. It makes an excellent, upmarket steak frites, especially with a generous dollop of rich, home-made mayonnaise on the side. Make sure you take your meat out of the fridge for half an hour or so before cooking, to let it reach room temperature. Lightly season and oil your steak then pop it into a blazing hot pan for just a minute or two each side. Allow to rest for 5 minutes. For a very simple sauce, deglaze the hot pan with a good splash of red wine, add a knob of butter, let the wine bubble vigorously until reduced and starting to thicken then season well and drizzle over the steak.

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