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Loin of Pork

We recommend 4-5 portions per kg.

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Pipers Farm loin of free range pork is a rolled, boneless joint, packed with succulent flavour. Our butchers meticulously bone out the joint then remove the skin and take off any excess fat. The skin is then scored and neatly re-tied around the joint. This means you have the juiciest meat but without any superficial fat. It also results in unbelievably good crackling - properly crispy and crunchy. This is a joint that looks impressive but is really easy to cook - and even easier to carve.

It's important to us at Pipers Farm that our Saddleback pigs live as much of their lives outside as possible. They're sociable animals who enjoy the company of their peers and who need to be able to act out their natural instincts. That means rootling in the dirt with their snouts, wallowing in mud to cool down or playing boisterous games. Activity is important for building strong muscles and robust skeletons and pigs are naturally athletic, so having space to run is vital. Because our pigs live outdoors (except when it's very cold or very muddy) they develop thick skins - and it's these skins that turn into perfect, puffy crackling.

How to cook pork loin

Cooking it couldn't be easier. Simply preheat your oven to 240ºC, sprinkle some sea salt over your joint (leaving the string on to avoid the crackling curling up) and roast for 15 minutes to give the skin a good blast. Turn the oven down to 180ºC and continue to cook for 30 minutes per kilo. We recommend cooking your pork just blushing pink. The best way to achieve this is to keep an eye on the internal temperature. At 60 to 65ºC the meat will be perfect, juicy and tender. Remove the joint from the oven when it's at about 55ºC, let it rest wrapped in foil for around 20 minutes and the latent heat will bring it up to the perfect temperature.

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