We've partnered up with award-winning food writer Charlotte Pike to bring you her signature meat box.

The meat has been chosen by Charlotte, to help you follow her fantastic new, specially designed recipes.

Discover more about Charlotte's food preferences, hints & tips and why she prefers Pipers Farm meat.


What’s your favourite meal?

As a cookery book author, I'm always testing new recipes, so we almost always eat something different for lunch and supper. I rarely cook the same recipes.

However, if I could eat anything I wanted for the day, I'd start with organic softly scrambled eggs with some buttered sourdough for breakfast, accompanied by a strong cappuccino, maybe made with freshly ground Monmouth coffee beans, then a delicious salad for lunch, perhaps made with some cold roast chicken and avocado or freshly segmented oranges and sliced pan-fried duck breast, and probably something with Pipers Farm Red Ruby beef for dinner - maybe rare roast rib of beef with goose fat roast potatoes, Yorkshire pudding and cavolo nero or a really amazing rib eye steak with some homemade chips and a well-dressed green salad for a real treat.

Do you have any general cooking tips?

Take your time. It is so tempting to rush when you are cooking - I am always working against the clock, so I understand the dilemma here - but you really do get a better result if you slow down, do things properly and take care at every step of your recipe.

How do you like your steak?

Rare. Sometimes blue, sometimes medium rare, depending on the cut. But generally the pinker, the better. I used to prefer steaks more well done, but a year living in Paris changed that!

I always sprinkle my steaks generously with Maldon sea salt as soon as they come off the grill and wrap them in foil and set aside to rest for 10 minutes before serving. I have a Le Creuset stovetop grill pan that works very well for cooking a steak. I use my Big Green Egg barbecue a lot all year round too, as the wood gives steak an amazing flavour.

How much meat do you eat in a typical week?

I generally eat meat at least one meal a day. I adore meat and I generally like to eat meals that are based around meat and lots of vegetables.

Do you have any nutrition tips?

Buy top quality ingredients which have been produced the right way - they will be so much higher in nutrients than intensively produced alternatives. I also cook everything from scratch rather than eat processed or convenience foods. When I'm in a hurry, I'll make myself an omelette, which is quicker and far more nutritious than a ready meal.


How did you first hear about us?

I first heard about Pipers Farm when I was studying at Exeter University. I used to do my food shopping with independent retailers across the city and the Piper's Farm shop on Magdalen Road was my port of call for meat.

Why is sustainable meat production important to you?

I live in the beautiful English countryside and my family own farms in Devon. I have many happy memories of spending time on my grandparents' farm in Devon as a child. Family farms are so important to the rural economy and produce the food I want to eat. I want to know that my food has been produced in harmony with the environment. Properly produced meat tastes so much better, too.