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Saddle Fillet of Lamb

Each Saddle Fillet weighs approximately 500g.

We recommend 3-4 portions per 500g.

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£ 24.95

Not the best known of lamb cuts, saddle fillet of lamb is an underrated gem that's equivalent to the fillet from a beef carcass and equally delicious. Cut from the long loin muscle, the saddle fillet has a delicate flavour and a fine-grained, buttery smooth texture. Our expert butchers meticulously trim off any superficial fat, making this a super-lean cut that's simple to prepare. Only quick, unfussy cooking and simple accompaniments are needed to let the quality of the saddle fillet shine through.

From the heather covered moorlands to the rich coastal pastures, Devon's countryside is shaped and preserved by grazing sheep. Our free range, 100% grass fed native Sussex lambs are experts at reaping all the nourishment they need from the grass, herbs and plants that make up their diet. We've selected this breed as they can grow slowly, building the dense skeleton and laying down robust muscle with just the right amount of fat.

Once slaughtered, we hang our lamb carcases for 3 weeks in a temperature controlled environment. This extracts any excess fluid, tenderises the meat and ensures it's in perfect condition when cut by our butchers

How to cook saddle of lamb

Saddle fillet of lamb is a cut that needs to be the star of the show. So simply sear in a very hot pan with a drizzle of oil until browned on all sides then transfer to an 180ºC for a further 5 minutes. Remove from the oven and rest in a warm place for about 10 minutes. When carved it'll be perfectly pink and exquisitely tender.

For a quick and gorgeous springtime meal celebrating lamb, try Lamb Saddle With Garlic And Asparagus

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