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Feather Steak

Each steak weighs approximately 125g.

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An excellent value and somewhat forgotten cut that you won’t often see on the butcher’s block, feather steak is a hidden gem taken from below the shoulder. Running through the centre of the steak is a distinctive seam of cartilage. Although it looks the same as the cartilage you might see on beef shin, it’s far more yielding – as it doesn’t do a lot of hard work – and melts easily with short cooking, imparting both moisture and delicious flavour.

How to cook feather steak

Feather steak is a versatile cut to cook with. Let the natural flavours take centre stage by lightly oiling and seasoning your steak before searing it in a smoking hot pan for a minute or so each side. Rest it briefly for a juicy steak with plenty of bite. If you’ve got a bit more time, feather steak braised slowly in a rich sauce of red wine and beef stock is a succulent and warming winter treat.

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