Free Range Chicken

Nothing has had a stronger influence on the development of Pipers Farm than the way that we were producing chickens with my father in Kent 30 years ago, for one of the well-known high street food chains. We were growing food that we were not prepared to feed to our young children. As farmers, we were determined to do something about it. There is a world of difference between that industrial system of growing table birds in Kent and the Pipers Farm properly free range chickens of today.
properly free range chicken from pipers farm

Careful Breeding

Our free-range chickens are hatched year-round from eggs laid by the breeding flock. The breeding flock is made up of slow-growing Hubbard birds born on a healthy hillside farm in Devon. Living outside in small groups the handsome cockerels ensure the next generation of our healthy natural chicks.

Naturally reared free range chicken

Naturally Reared

After hatching, our chicks grow indoors for their first 3 to 4 weeks until they have feathered up and are ready for a life outside. They are tucked up in warm barns with cosy chippings, heated by 'electric hens' a natural way of brooding chickens that creates a similar environment to being tucked up under their mother's wing. Once feathered our chicks head out into lush Devon pasture.

properly free range chicken

Properly Free Range

Our free-range chickens are slow-grown in small groups, free to roam outside on healthy hillside pastures in natural light, and with the freedom to display their natural instincts such as scratching for food and dust bathing. These contented birds have properly developed bones and muscles and a strong natural immunity.

Natural Diet

Our free-range chicken's diet is simply straightforward cereals and grass, with the emphasis on developing a healthy digestive system. We do not use any additives to enhance unnaturally fast growth. We want our chickens to grow slowly, healthily and lead a properly free-range life

chicken hung for 7 days

Hung for 7 days

We grow our chickens slowly to 12 or 13 weeks old, at least double the length of intensively reared birds, and longer still than some free-range and organic chickens. We kill each chicken individually by hand on the farm where they have been living, which means they never have to travel anywhere. Each Properly Free Range Chicken is plucked and hung uneviscerated, in the traditional way, for at least a week.

Healthy Chickens

Pipers Farm Properly Free Range Chickens are healthy, nutritious food, grown without the use of antibiotics, and safe from all the food poisoning bacteria associated with intensive farming and factory slaughterhouses.

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There are few things in life more welcoming than the scent of a roast chicken, it has to be the ultimate comfort food, the sort of food that brings people together around the table. Our Properly Free Range chickens are the reason Peter and Henri founded the farm almost 30 years ago. Determined to produce good healthy, wholesome food that they could feed their family with confidence, turning the clock back on industrial chicken was the first step. A Pipers Farm chicken lives significantly longer than most other organic and free-range birds. Foraging amongst our lush Devon pasture our free-range chicken eat a diet of simple whole grains like corn and barley, and rich forage including grasses and herbs. We hang our chickens for seven days to enhance their depth of flavour, this is one of the many reasons Pipers Farm chicken tastes so unique.